'Let's Talk' Regular Health Checks and Screening: Engagement Summary

As part of our 'Let’s Talk..' project we looked into the topic of ‘Regular Health Checks and Screening’ to understand the impact of changes that have taken place in these services due to COVID-19.
Health Checks

Before COVID-19 GP Practices carried out regular checks and the NHS also has a rolling screening program that was implemented at various stages of the patient’s life. These health checks and screenings are important because they highlight and treat preventable illnesses.

Health checks and screenings were suspended during the pandemic in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to mitigate the extra workload being experienced by health services. Many of these checks and screenings have been reinstated but there is now a large backlog and some of the checks are now carried out remotely.

19 people responded to our request for feedback, you can read the engagement summary here:


Health Checks and Screening

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