New resources for people with learning disabilities and/or autism

If you have a learning disability or are autistic, or care for someone is, you can complete a ‘Grab and Go guide’ ready to give information to doctors and nurses if you need to go to hospital because of Covid-19 in the future.
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The form will provide information about you that you might find difficult to pass on if you have Covid-19 symptoms and are struggling to breathe. The NHS has developed the form in partnership with people with learning disabilities, their families and nurses. 

It is not a replacement for the everyday, detailed hospital passport. If you already have a hospital passport you should make sure its up-to-date and take that to hospital along with the Grab and Go guide if you need to be admitted. 

You can download the Grab and Go guide form and some guidance on how to complete it here.

If you haven’t got a hospital passport you can download your local passport by searching on the internet for "[hospital name] hospital passport" or choose one you like from here: or

Locally in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, NHS leaders and the police have drafted a letter for carers and providers to carry when they are supporting people diagnosed with learning disabilities and autism to do outside activities during the period of Covid-19 restrictions.

You can go to your support provider to obtain a copy of the letter, or contact us at Healthwatch Rutland.

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