Why volunteer with us?

  • Our volunteers are the backbone of Healthwatch Rutland and their activities are varied.
  • You can commit as little or as much time as you can spare to the role.
  • You can be involved in a specific health or social care issue that is important to you, be involved in any of the projects or task groups we have, or be a member of the board.
  • We rely on volunteers to help to support events that we run and attend.

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Board Member

The Healthwatch Rutland Board is the public face of Healthwatch Rutland and takes decisions about how Healthwatch Rutland should work to improve the health and social care outcomes of the county’s population. The length of term for Healthwatch Rutland Board members is 3 years, before seeking re-election or retiring from the Board.

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Operations and Planning Group Member

The Operations and Planning Group works closely to the Healthwatch Rutland Strategic and Operational Plans. Membership of the Operations and Planning Group is open to any interested individuals living and/or working in Rutland, and to representatives of local voluntary and community sector organisations. Items for discussion may be forwarded to the Healthwatch Rutland office for the attention of the chair prior to the meeting. There are opportunities for Operations and Planning Group members to represent Healthwatch Rutland and to undertake more detailed work.

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Enter and View Authorised Representative

An Authorised Representative is a trained volunteer who participates in Healthwatch Rutland’s ‘Enter and View’ activities, alongside other Healthwatch Rutland volunteers and staff, to make observations and gather the experiences and views of patients, consumers, carers and the wider public. The Enter and View function applies to health services for adults and children and social care for adults.

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Community Engagement Volunteer

The role of Healthwatch Rutland community engagement representative focuses on public and patient engagement, enabling Healthwatch Rutland to listen to individual experiences of health and social care services and helping us to collate evidence directly from service users. The role also involves publicising Healthwatch Rutland and what we do within local groups and communities.

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