Our Volunteer Handbook

Volunteers for Connected Together CIC, including Healthwatch Northamptonshire (HWN) and Healthwatch Rutland (HWR) are supported by the volunteer lead - Becky Calcraft based in the HWN office, with some tasks for HWR fulfilled by Tracey Allan-Jones
Healthwatch Volunteer talking to a little girl and her dad

This handbook has been produced to help to introduce you to the work of Connected Together CIC (CTCIC) and the organisations it manages, including Healthwatch Northamptonshire (HWN) and Healthwatch Rutland (HWR). We want to ensure your volunteering experience with us is an enjoyable and rewarding one. The aim of the handbook is to act as a handy reference and information tool so please take time to read it. It is a lengthy document but one that we believe will be useful in different ways throughout your volunteering time with us.

The volunteer lead’s role is to:

  • Find, select and engage volunteers
  • Source and deliver volunteer training
  • Support and monitor volunteers and their involvement
  • Ensure all legislative regulations concerning volunteers are adhered to
  • Maintain links and communicate with all volunteers
  • Maintain volunteer records
  • Report regularly on volunteering matters to the relevant boards

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Volunteer Handbook

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