Building back better for carers

For a brave and honest view from an unpaid carer, about how the coronavirus crisis has affected carers in Rutland, tune into Jacqui Darlington’s livestreamed chat with James Townsend from Mobilise Care
Build Back Better for Carers: Jacqui Darlington

In a series of interviews on the theme “Build back better for carers” Mobilise Care are asking unpaid carers how can we build better support for the UK’s 13.5 million carers in the future?

In her chat with James, Jacqui talks about the constant challenge during lockdowns, of making decisions that are in the best interests of the person you care for, whilst trying to look after yourself at the same time. Jacqui’s own ways of coping have included seeking flexibility from the local authority in how direct payments are used to get the best support available at the time. Jacqui is happy that the local authority, Rutland County Council,  has allowed the flexibility she needed in caring for her son, but worries that other carers, who have not felt confident to ask for help, may be getting close to crisis point.

She says;

“Carers, hang in there. You are going to get through this, just keep talking to people”.

You can contact Jacqui to sign up for monthly carers newsletters and updates: or follow her on Twitter @Jacdarl

You can find out more about local authority support and direct payments on the Rutland Information Service. If you are a carer in receipt of direct payments and wish to discuss how the needs of the person you care for have changed, contact the RCC Adult Duty Team 0n 01572 758341 or email:

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