Young Healthwatch Update

Young Healthwatch Rutland held their first meeting of the new year!
Young Healthwatch Drawings

In our meeting we introduced new members, Joe and Eve, as well as our Healthwatch Officer Ellen and took part in a flag making icebreaker to learn some more about each other.

We had an in-depth discussion about what new project we would like to take on this year, it was decided that we would like to start a sexual health project! We would like to learn what sexual health services are available to young people in Rutland, if young people are aware of them, and get feedback from any young people that have used them.

Planning for this will be under way by our February meeting, where we will be outlining the aims and objectives.

We also plan to get started on our first podcast! This will be hosted on a site/App called Podbean, it is free to register and listen, when searching for our podcast type ‘younghealthwatchrutland’ to keep up to date on our latest projects.

If you would like to volunteer with Young Healthwatch Rutland or would like some more information please email or follow our social media links.



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